In the classical days Athletic Events used to be an integral part of the sporting events. The Isthmian Games, The Nemean Games and The Pythian Games were some such sport compiditions which were all the great Roman Games also known as Pan-Hellenic Games. The main events in Summer Games were also Athletics.

Some events like wrestling , gladiator combat and chariot race however had a greater fan following in the Roman Games as compared to the athletics. In combat training course the athletics were an integral part. In Europe, various athletic events became popular from those early days. The sports became popular in Britain during the period between thirteenth and sixteenth century. Now there are many international events, where the track and field athletics is a major attraction. The field of international track and field athletics is governed by International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF.

Field & Track Events: Field & track events are a group of 3 different sports disciplines. Jumping, trowing and running are these 3 disciplines. The word "Athletics" comes from greek word "athons" meaning contest.The Field and track athletics is test of being “faster, higher, stronger” which is direct manifestation of the Olympic motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius”.

In the modern world, advanced field & track athletics are broadly kept along a running course of four hundred metres length. The course games or the track events happen on the track. The area confined inside the course is utilised for arranging the field events such as throwing , vaulting and jumping. The athletic contest for women & men are accommodated separately. The length of the sprint events are broadly as is for women and men. Even so, women have low barriers in the steeplechase & hurdle events. In Women's event weight of hammer, shot, javelin & discuss are also kept less as compared to mail counterparts. There are two different seasons for field and track events

Indoor Season—
Held in winter inside a closed stadium thus they are such named. The track may warry in between 300 to 150 mtrs, a standered track have 6 lanes and lenght of 200 mtrs.Indoor version of athletic have minor variations to it',s outdoor counterpart. Length is usually less and field events such as javelin, discus etc are excluded. Pole vault, high jump, long are some of the field games which are included in indoor seasons. Some other events include weight throw, pentathlon, 300 mtr and 600 mtr sprints etc .

Outdoor Season—
These are held in summer, in open field. so called outdoor season. Tracks are full size and all the events are included in them

Track And Field Athletics in Summer Olympics: Athletics was the main event at the first Summer Games which took place in 776 B.C. The only event included in the schedule of the 776 B.C. Summer Games was the "stade", a foot race which was run the length of the stadium. Athletics sports events have been a part of the Modern Olympic program since the 1896 Athens Summer Games, the first modern Olympics. However, women were not allowed to compete in the track and field events in athletics until the 1928 Amsterdam Summer Games. The Olympic track and field events can be divided into four categories. The categories are-

Track events- The track events include sprints, middle distance running and long distance running of different lengths. There are also obstacle events, including the hurdle races, relays and steeplechase events. Field events- The field events of athletics will include long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, the javelin, discus, and hammer throw for both men and women. Combined events- The combined events include the decathlon for men and the heptathlon for women. Road events- The marathon and long distance walking events are included in the road events. There are also some track and field athletic events in athletics which are either obsolete or are not competed regularly. These events are- Record holders in Track And Field Athletics: A number of athletes from all over the world have created Olympic records in the sporting disciplines of track and field athletics.